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We Are Bella Terra

Our Story

Our founder is a 30-year veteran of the beauty industry and an innovator that has carved out a niche in the beauty industry, launching ground-breaking products for cosmetics consumers worldwide in unique and cutting-edge ways.

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Our Products

At Bella Terra Cosmetics we use only the purest, highest quality minerals that actually improve the health of your skin while providing a flawless, weightless coverage. The result is a natural, radiant glow and a sheer, micro-fine finish that visually minimizes fine lines, pores and imperfections.

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Cruelty Free

You can feel at ease when using Bella Terra Cosmetics as we do not test our products on animals.

Our products are entirely animal-free and therefore cruelty-free.


We all love a good secret! So we've rounded up our best beauty secrets in one spot where you can find an abundant collection of tips to help you look beautiful while ensuring long term benefits to your health and skin.

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Bella Terra Cosmetics Blog

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Bella Testimonials

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    I love my Bella Terra Makeup. Then foundation primer is silky smooth and if I could I would use this on my entire body. The foundation itself is wonderful. I first boughtt these products in December. I fell in love. I haven't had one breakout on my face since I started using these awesome products. I would highly recommend them to anyone "
    Dawn Rice
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    Ive been using this make for almost 4 yrs and its amazing..its all i will use i love the skin care products when used right my skin feels incredible!!! Shop on line and use coupons!! Money well spent and one thing of anything last about 3 months and brushes last a lifetime if u take care of them properly!!! I swear by this product!!!"
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    I absolutely love your shimmers!!!! I've used them as eye shadow, cheek highlighters, lip accents, & eyeliner
    Nandi Randle
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    My name is yovenka ortiz and im a fan/ customer of your product. I live in boston and let me tell you your makeup is AWSOMEEEE im sooo in love with it. I just traveled to the dominican republic and the really hot weather is not match to makeup.. That is until i used bella cosmetics
    Yovenka Ortiz
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    Love your eye-shadow and mineral makeup! "
  • test
    I am writing because I love using your products. The way they make my skin feel and how I look after applying my foundation and blush. I always look natural. I'm in love with your bronzer as well. I will keep using your products. Attached you will find a picture of me using my belleterra makeup."
    Jewel Medina


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