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A Morphological Imperative

Morphology is considered a division of biology.  It deals with the form and structure of organisms and their special features.  I simplify this by merely condensing it into how it applies to humans.  Morphology is the study of bone structure. 

How this is relevant here in the makeup world is simple.  A makeup artist’s job is to use cosmetics to enhance and/or improve appearance.  The typical curriculum in makeup artist courses cover this topic by using what the beauty industry considers as the perfect shapes.  They are the precursor, the standard; what the artist aims to achieve.

For instance, the dictated norm for the perfect eye shape is almond and the perfect face shape is oval.  During a makeover, the makeup artist employs highlighting and shadowing (contour) techniques to tweak the existing shape(s) and create an illusion of the model actually having those perfect shapes.

When you see some before and after photos and the shots are so different; like two different people; remember that makeup artistry is more than an art, it’s a science.

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