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Winter Skin


Hey ya'll, it's finally fall!

A little cheesy rhyme for you today;)  I love fall and am so glad it's finally here!  The clothes, the colors, the crisp air... I know we are all so excited for boots and sweaters, leggings and scarves, but don't forget about the health of your skin!  I know it all gets to be a bit much because there is so much information out there that it gets overwhelming.  So, I'll keep it short and simple:

1) Moisturize!  The winter air, no matter how much we love it, is so harsh on our delicate skin!  Combat the cooler, drier air with a double dose of Daily Moisturizer.

2) Water!  What you consume can provide skin benefits too.  Drink more water in winter for radiant skin and a hydrated you.

3) Antioxidants - throw some lemon (with the peel) in that water as the peel is packed with antioxidants.  Eat your fruits and veggies (artichokes and bananas, carrots and grapes - most of them contain high antioxidant content), nuts (Brazil!) and berries (preferably of the blue variety), and the best part...Chocolate! Dark chocolate that is, not milk, sorry:(

4) Sun protection!  Just because the skies are gray, does not mean the sun isn't out there wreaking havoc on your skin.  In fact, people tend to receive more sun damage when they can't see the sun because they don't protect themselves.  Use sun protection every day!  Yes, our products help because of their natural sun protection, but you need more, I promise.

5) Stop smoking or better yet, don't ever start;)

That's it!  Not too bad, huh?  You got this.  I have faith.

Love and makeup,


One thought on “Winter Skin”

  • christopher mulei May 23, 2013 at 12:15 am

    i was suffering from rough skin.but a friend advised me to use the daily moisturizer ad it worked parfectly

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