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A Six Packed Attack on Aging

image1 Bella Terra Anti Aging

Allow Bella Terra to join you in your New Year’s Resolution for a healthy 2014.

Bella Terra Cosmetics find the time to make yourself beautiful.

Although we cannot halt the aging process all together, we can certainly help provide treatments and ways to help delay the process. Finding the time is the number one precursor to jump-starting a viable routine.

#1 Find the Time - Stop making excuses! Half the battle is getting there, once you’re in, you’ll see how easy it is and wonder why it took so long to get there. Insist, persist and reap the rewards. We spend more time nurturing the inanimate objects in our lives like preserving the color in our clothes and using fabric softener sheets for that fresh clean smell. Yet one day, we know what we are preserving will find its way on a yard sale table or hanging on a rack at the Good Will. Your skin deserves your time! You deserve it!! After all, you only have one face. So, jump-start the year right!!

Bella Terra Cosmetics Skincare Bella Terra Cosmetics Skincare

#2 Find a Simple Regimen - A simple yet powerful daily skincare routine is paramount. More isn’t necessarily better, but you can count on a five to seven step regimen. Don’t be deterred. It’s fast and easy and once you get into the groove, you’ll be glad you did!





eat healthy Bella Terra Cosmetics eat healthy everyday.

#3 Eat Healthy - A diet of skin friendly edibles oh so good! Let nature go to work for you. In this article you will find healthy foods that when prepared appropriately are deep rooted in anti-oxidants and vitamins essential for maintaining ageless beauty.






work outBella Terra Cosmetics work out

#4 Exercise Wise - Not just for the body anymore. Check out facial muscle exercising and see for yourself. It’s an ancient Korean secret.




#5 Drink Water - See what the Lemon Water Buzz is all about.






#6 Sleep, Sleep and Sleep! - It’s all about the positioning and amount of time you sleep. For more information on sleeping positions see
Following these six steps will certainly create an armor against the causes of aging. Start the New Year off and deliver your skin the “POW” it deserves. Join us for our next blog on Bella Terra Skin Fitness 101 where we deliver the goods in a step-by-step regimen in the battle for our skin.

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