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Makeup tutorial: Day look with bright colors

Hello Beautiful!

If you are anything like me, you have tons of shimmers in your make up bag, or if you’re like me, in a huge box.  Bella Terra Mineral Shimmers come in so many wonderful colors, that it’s hard to stop yourself from buying more of them.

Have you ever looked at your shimmers collection and thought to yourself: “Why on Earth did I buy this pink shimmer? What is it called? Lollipop? Was I feeling  5 when I bought it? It is pretty, but then again, when would I wear it?”  I know I have!

Today, I will show how you can use that bright color in your everyday look.  This is a pretty easy look to achieve and you don’t need to have mad makeup artist skills to do so.


1. Start by applying our Highlight Shimmer all over your eyelid.


2. Apply Goldfish Shimmer next, mostly to the inner corner of your eye, then blend toward the outside corner.



3. Now, here it comes! Take that bright, beautiful Lollipop and apply to the outside corner of your eye! Don’t be shy.  Work it in there.  At this point, you want your eye to look like a colorful drawing.


4. Finally, last color! Apply Coco Bean Shimmer to your lid crease and sweep to the outside corner of your eye.  Don’t worry if it looks too dark, we will blend everything in!


5. BLEND! Use a clean eye shadow brush to blend colors.


6. Apply a thin line of eyeliner with our perfect liner.  I used a piece of scotch tape to get a nice line. DSCF1814

7. Apply your favorite Bella Terra Mascara and you are done!


You can turn this look in to a night look by  wetting your brush for more intense color.

Extra point: Mix your Lollipop Shimmer with Bella Terra Clear Lip Gloss to make a lip gloss to go with your new eye look!

One thought on “Makeup tutorial: Day look with bright colors ”

  • I guess seeing it on my phone didn't give it justice BC I wasn't impressed,however i love Bella T.i need more eyeshades on sale that is if you run sales i really need to know.thanks

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