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  • Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Luxury Skincare

    Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics line of luxury skincare works together to help reduce signs of aging while hydrating and firming skin.

    Bella Terra’s Advanced Radiance Eye Cream hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes, lightens dark circles and minimizes the appearance of fine lines. It combines nourishing all day moisture with vitamins and an anti-oxidant complex enriched with lemon peel ferment and yogurt extracts to exfoliate and help promote skin's surface renewal process. The result is lighter, brighter, healthier-looking eyes and a younger appearance.

    Bella Terra's Milky Cleanser is not only designed to remove makeup on the surface of the skin, but the Mineral Oil seeps deeply into pores to remove any residual dirt and debris, leaving the face clean and fresh. With water as the main ingredient, the skin is left completely hydrated without being oily. Our Milky Cleanser is good for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin and can also be used as a pre-shave, skin-soothing agent for men.

    Bella Terra’s Exfoliating Gel offers exclusive technology that lets you see a visible difference in just one use! You'll enjoy an intensive, deep cleansing beauty treatment with natural botanical extracts and soothing Aloe Vera and Chamomile that gently exfoliates dead skin cells, removes dulling debris and excess oils. It will reveal the healthy, rejuvenated skin that lies underneath. Ideal for use by both men and women.

    Nightly Restoration Cream revitalizes and repairs your skin while you sleep with this rich night cream that helps to replenish antioxidant and moisture levels, instantly relieves tightness and softens fine, feathery lines. Vitamins A and E, uniquely contained in our red microspheres, burst at night, releasing powerful antioxidants that condition, nourish and repair the skin while protecting it against premature aging and harsh environmental elements.

    Bella Terra's Lifting Eye Serum brings dull and tired-looking eyes to life by brightening, firming and restoring delicate skin. With serious doses of nourishment and protective antioxidants this lightweight, non-greasy formula absorbs easily into the skin to deliver stunning results. It promotes collagen renewal to strengthen connective tissues and boost elasticity, helping to maintain a youthful, healthy appearance.

  • Contouring tools you need in your life!

    Everyone is contouring!!!! What does that even mean?!?  Contouring creates a sculpted look that can help your nose appear slimmer, your cheekbones more sharp and your forehead smaller. Highlighting is the opposite of contouring. Instead of adding shadows, you're adding light to the face. When you add a highlights to the face, you are “pulling it forward” and making the area appear more prominent.

    Basic tools you will need to make this happen:

    Bella Terra's Face Brush for contouring, foundation, blush and blending, The Face Brush delivers ultimate precision and versatility. The densely packed hair and structured shape achieves flawless dimension along the cheekbones, forehead and jawline. Perfect for using with pressed or loose powders, liquids and creams to create beautiful sculpting all over the face. Check it out here : The Face Brush

    Bella Terra's Mineral Bronzer When it comes to contouring, the most basic contour product is a powder bronzer. To define and soften the profile of your face, glide your brush across your jawline. If you are concerned about double chins, sweep the contouring bronzer under the chin to create a slimming shadow. See the shades: Mineral Bronzer

    Bella Terra's BB Cream Now for the highlighting. BB Cream should be applied above the bronzer and never come into contact with the powder. Think about where the sun would naturally fall on your face and using your fingers, pat and blend the cream into these areas.  Applying a little BB Cream in the corner of your eyes will make you look more "wide awake". Get it now: BB Cream

    Image result for contour tips with bronzer A map of Countour and Highlight areas
  • Creating Your Canvas – Long Lasting Foundation

    Ok people, so you’ve spent some time researching mineral foundation, trying out a few different ones, and now you’ve picked a favorite.  For me that’s Bella Terra’s Mineral Foundation.  So now that you’ve spent some money on a fabulous, healthy, natural product, you want it to last, right?  I’ll give you some tips and methods to make your foundation last all day, and hopefully into the evening, because I know sometimes there’s no time to reapply before happy hour.

    The first, and maybe the most important, step in any beauty routine is to exfoliate and cleanse your skin.  Dead skin cells accumulate on your face, even in short amounts of time.  To quote my grandmother, if you are “putting your face on” in the morning before work as many of us are,  then dead skin cells and sweat from the pillow you just abandoned are a huge culprit for clogging pores and making your makeup flake and slough off during the day.  Using an exfoliator to scrub off any dirt and harmful particles is an essential first step to making your foundation last for long periods of time.

    Once your face is clean and refreshed, you must moisturize.  I don’t care if you live in the Sahara Desert or near the ocean where the air is so thick with humidity that you can see it, you are going to need a daily moisturizer.  It’s important to find a moisturizer that works with your skin type, so experiment with those and find one that works best for you.  It also doesn’t matter what skin type you have, you will still need to moisturize.  I have naturally oily skin, and I use a daily moisturizer because it is so good for my skin, evens out skin tone and texture, and creates an essential base layer for foundation.

    Next, I like to use Makeup Primer.  Primer is a clear, gel-like product that fills in fine lines and other imperfections, creating a smooth canvas on your skin.  It forms a bond with your cosmetics, helping them adhere more strongly to your face and last until you choose to take them off.  The primer also allows you to use less product, which makes the time in between shopping trips longer.  Not to mention the Bella Terra Makeup Primer I use is incredibly soft and silky, and works excellently with ourfoundation.  I also use Eye Primer to conceal dark circles under my eyes.  I feel like this helps my powder foundation stay in place longer, giving me a uniformly luminous and smooth final look.

    A friend of mine came up with her own technique.  She uses BB Cream instead of makeup primer, applying it by tapping it in deeply into her skin.  BB Cream is a 3-in-1 product that serves as a moisturizer, anti-aging cream, and concealer. BB Cream provides good coverage by itself and adding powered foundation on top helps create a truly flawless, long lasting look.

    Now that your face is clean, moisturized, and primed, it’s time to apply your foundation powder.  At this step, it’s extremely essential to have a good brush, because how else is the mineral powder supposed to get from the container to your face?  There are a myriad of different brushes out there, but I love Bella Terra Brushes because they’re not made of bunnies, but have super-soft synthetic fibers that make application amazing and easy.  As for style of brushes, that’s up to you.  There are brushes made strictly for foundation, and those work wonderfully.  I have friends who swear by their bronzer brush and use that for everything, and that’s great too.  Personally I like Kabouki brushes, mostly because there’s no long handle to wield and I feel like I have more control.  Once you’ve got your brush picked out you are ready to go.  One of the reasons I like Bella Terra’s Mineral Foundation so much is due to the small openings in the powder guard, which allow you to tap out only as much product as you need.  This way you don’t end up with a whole clump of wasted product on your brush that will either dust off, cause streaks on your face, or create a big cloud when  you accidently exhale near the brush.  I’ve found that a blotting motion and small circles with the brush work best to ensure overall coverage, as well as massage the product deep into your skin so your color won’t wear off throughout the day.

    And you’re finished!  Well, finished with foundation anyway.  Now you can go on to do all those other things that make your face a work of art, but at least you have created a fabulous, luminous, long lasting canvas.  But seriously, don’t forget to exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize.  That part is non-negotiable.

  • Natural, Healthy Foundation – Let’s Talc About It

    I’m kind of new to this natural, healthy makeup thing.  I’ve always been a guess-your-shade at the drugstore kind of girl, and never really put much thought into my foundation, especially not what it was made of.  I figured some kind of coloring, obviously, but it honestly never crossed my mind.  UNTIL I started looking at Bella Terra’s Mineral Foundation and compared the ingredient list to what I was currently using.  Bella Terra uses only four all-natural ingredients – Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, and Sericite.  My usual powder contains over 16 ingredients, and I can’t pronounce half of them.

    Why is this important?  The main ingredient in many powders and bronzers is Talc, which can clog pores and contributes to drying out your skin.  Talc in its natural form can contain asbestos, which we all know is dangerous and cancer causing.  The Talc found in makeup and medicated is powders is treated and deemed safe, but why risk it?  Talc is basically a filler, as are many of the other ingredients, including wax, oil, parabens, and Bismuth Oxychloride – which is a major skin irritant.



    But enough about why the other stuff is bad, let’s talk about why the ingredients in Bella Terra’s Mineral Foundation are good!  The main ingredient is pure, 100% Mica Mineral with no additives or fillers, which is different from even some of the most notable mineral makeup brands.  Your skin loves Mica because it contains hypoallergenic properties that soothe, calm, and protect your skin.  Your skin loves Mica in your foundation because it performs as a translucent layer that reflects light and gives your face an even, smooth, and lucid appearance.

    Ingredient number two is Titanium Dioxide; another mineral, go figure!  This one makes me happy because it provides natural sun protection from both UVA and UVB rays, which means I don’t have to buy or apply an expensive and oily sunscreen.  Not having to expose the sensitive skin on my face to a potential pimple break-out due to a cream sunblock is a huge relief.  In addition to sun protection, Titanium Dioxide contains anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce skin irritation, redness, and minimize fine lines and discoloration.

    The naturally-occurring mineral deposit Iron Oxide, which appears on the label as Red/Black/Yellow/etc. Iron Oxide, is responsible for a myriad of skin-toned pigments.  These naturally opaque mineral pigments are used to create stunning earth toned colors, making it easy to find the exact right shade for your skin.  I always have trouble finding the right shade during Spring and Fall, because I am gaining and losing my tan, but this ingredient works with the Mica Minerals to help match the makeup to my skin tone, no matter if I am a baking in the sun, or going into hibernation.

    Sericite is your friend.  This super pure mineral is a type of natural powdered Mica with an ultra-fine grain size and a low luster, silky texture.  This makes your foundation easy to apply and extremely soft.   I didn’t think that “soft” was a hard-to-find trait in powdered foundation, but I was blown away by the way my face had such a light and refined feel from just wearing Bella Terra’s foundation with this ingredient.  Sericite acts as the setting powder and primer that makes this wonderful feeling possible.

    So that’s it.  That’s all the ingredients.  I told you there were only four, which is much better for your skin than sixteen, surely.  Bella Terra’s Mineral Foundation is such a multi-purpose tool, I’m impressed that four minerals can do so many things.  All of Bella Terra’s products are animal free and cruelty free, so I’m officially converted to the healthy and natural makeup camp, and I’ve already found my favorite foundation!

  • Anti-Aging Skin Care. Does it Work and How? When do I Start?

    This year is my last year in my 20s. Despite being excited about turning 30, it comes with worries about aging skin. Is that crow’s feet under my eyes? Am I starting to get wrinkles around my mouth?


    I wish I could say that I was smart and took a good care of my skin in my teens and early 20s, but I can’t. I spent way too much time outside without sun screen. I replaced water with an alcoholic drink way too often and didn’t moisturize regularly. I changed my ways in my mid 20’s, but was that enough?  Was it too late? Is there anything else I can do now to keep my skin from aging too quickly?

    Call me crazy, but I started using anti-aging products about two years ago.  I did worry that using anti-aging products too early would do more harm than good, so I invested my time into research. I looked all over the internet to find the recommended age to start using anti-aging products and here is what I learned.

    In your early 20s, your skin produces enough collagen (and we all know that collagen is responsible for keeping skin looking healthy and young) on its own.  As the years pass, collagen production slows, eventually causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear.

    Let’s face it, there are no magic creams that can reverse signs of aging once and for all, so I believe it is important to start an anti-aging routine before it’s too late.

    My question is: “When is the right time to start?” Many beauty experts advise starting at the age of 25.  Does this mean that you need to run and get Botox on your 25th birthday? No, it doesn’t. It means that you need to start introducing your skin to anti-aging products. “You should absolutely be wearing an eye cream, even if you see no problems around the area,” say doctors. Using an eye cream twice a day can made a huge difference. I use Advanced Radiance Eye Cream and I even noticed that my under eye concealer stays in place longer and doesn’t begin to cake by the end of the day.

    This is also a good time to add exfoliation to your skin care routine. This will help your skin get rid of old cells to leave room for new, beautiful skin. You can even make your own brown sugar scrub at home, by simply mixing brown sugar, honey and a drop of coconut oil together.

    And don’t forget about antioxidants!  Vitamin C is one of the most important ingredients you should look for.  Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can slow down the rate of free radical damage and boost the skin’s ability to product collagen. Free radicals are responsible for damaging collagen, leading to flaky skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Recent studies also show that skin care products that contain Vitamin C help skin recover from sun damage.  Bella Terra Cosmetics’ Nightly Restoration Cream is a good example of a Vitamin C - rich skin cream.

  • To Prime or Not to Prime?

    I’ve been hearing people talk about how amazing Bella Terra Eye Primer is, but I was kind of skeptical about trying it. I already spend an hour getting ready in the morning with a toddler climbing up my leg and they want me to add an extra step? I finally gave in to peer pressure and decided to give it a try. I was sold by the promise that Eye Primer would keep my eye makeup in place for a whole day! I need that! As a working mom, I often don’t get home until late at night and I just hate when my once-pretty eye makeup ends up in a mess.

    Bella Terra Eye Primer comes in a little round container, just like the Shimmers. When I opened mine, I was a little disappointed.  The color looked almost grey and the product itself looked as hard as a rock!  What’s in this stuff anyway?!?  To my surprise, it’s made with all natural oils like Castor Oil and LiquaPar Oil.  Cool!  Who knew that an added benefit would be healthy, younger- looking skin?  It’s also waterproof?  Wow!  I guess you can think of it as a glue that adheres color to your skin.

    Anyway, my opinion about Bella Terra Eye Primer started to change as soon as the bristles of my concealer brush spread across its surface.  My brushed moved smoothly, grabbing plenty of product.   Bella Terra Eye Primer felt weightless on my eyes, the color looked very natural and far from the grey color that it appears to be in the container.

    I picked an eye look and decided to wear the same look for two days, with and without Eye Primer, to compare results.

    Covered with Bella Terra Eye Primer, my eye shadow brush moved very easily across my eyelids. Shimmers adhered to my eyelids in seconds, but I didn’t get a sticky feeling on my brush. Colors looked amazing and I only need one layer to achieve bright, vibrant color.  On that point alone, I was very impressed with Eye Primer, but not completely sold. I wanted to see if it could hold my Shimmers in place for an entire day.


    I took a picture of my eye makeup when I came back home from the office. Do I have to say how impressed I was? Even though the colors faded slightly, the look in general didn’t change. Each color stayed where it was supposed to and none was stuck in the creases of my eyelids, even after 8 hours!


    As I mentioned earlier, I wore the same eye look the next day, but without Eye Primer. It took several applications to get the color that I wanted. It was pretty easy to get even color.  I was happy with the way that the overall look turned out. The color was not as vibrant as the look with the Eye Primer.  Instead, it looked very soft and romantic.

    no primer

    Of course, I took a picture of my eye makeup after a long day at work this time as well.  It held up very well in general, although the colors did fade a bit and there was some pigment
    collection in the creases of my eyelids.



    WHEW!  With my schedule, I’m relieved to know I don’t HAVE to add this extra step to get great results with Bella Terra, but Bella Terra Eye Primer definitely earned a permanent spot in my makeup collection.   I will take an extra minute in the morning on days when I know that I will be running around town until late, or going out for dinner or happy hour right after work.

    Extra points: I discovered that Bella Terra Eye Primer makes a great concealer as well. You only need a very thin layer for great coverage and it stays in place all day long.

  • Bronze Before Aging

    Did you know that using a Bronzer can give you a natural sunbathed look?  Yet, sometimes finding the perfect sun kissed look to compliment your natural tone can be a chore.  But, don’t be that girl with the orange glow.  The evolution of bronzing is upon us.  And you will be thrilled to know although summer has departed, it is not necessary to say goodbye to your sun smooched look.

    Instead of jumping into the tanning bed or taking pills with who knows what's in them, consider using a bronzer.  The Bronze Age takes on a whole new meaning in the beauty world.  It is also perceived as a safe alternative to the sun's harmful rays or other tanning methods.

    Bella Terra Cosmetics offers a dynamic range of colors in both the Mineral Bronzers and Mineral Foundations.  A blend of the two is befitting for achieving natural warmth.  So, you can say goodbye to the nothing rhymes with orange and face a new ray of sunshine.

    Bronzers add a healthy glow.  It is however, imperative, to choose a shade no more than two shades darker than your normal tone.  This will guarantee a line-free, fresh and sun glistened look.  Applying the Bella Terra Mineral Bronzer with a Bella Terra bronzer brush will accomplish optimum results.  Blend, Blend, and Blend!

    For optimum results you should use Bella Terra Mineral Foundation and Bella Terra Daily Moisturizer prior to application.  And for even more optimum results, be sure to exfoliate once a week.

    How to apply Bronzers:  Using a Bella Terra Bronzer Brush, shake off excess minerals, then apply to face or body anywhere you'd like to glow. Typically used anywhere the sun naturally hits such as the forehead, tops of cheekbones, temples, nose and chin. Bronzers may also be used anywhere on the body, usually the neck and chest.



  • What Skin Type are You?

    Bella Terra Cosmetics brings you an easy tool!!  Using the beauty maps below will allow you to easily recognize the various skin types and their characteristics.  They will help you to quickly identify your own skin type.  What skin type are you?  Follow Bella Terra Cosmetics on Facebook!!!



  • Bella Terra Skin Fitness 101


    boxing gloves and skin careThank you for allowing Bella Terra Cosmetics to join you in your New Year’s Resolution for a healthy 2014. Now that you have made the time we intend to hold up our end of the bargain.  Bella Terra Cosmetics Skin Fitness 101 promises to deliver the goods for a step-by-step regimen in the battle for our skin.   Although we cannot halt the aging process all together, we can certainly help provide treatments and ways to help delay the process.  So here we go.

    The main causes of aging are physiological and environmental factors and lifestyle choices.  While cellular renewal slows down and the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers weaken, over time, the ideal skin care regimen will help correct, protect and perfect the skin for a more youthful appearance.

    Bella Terra Skin Fitness 101

    EXFOLIATE at least once to twice a week.  Using Bella Terra Exfoliating Gel will brighten and clarify the skin for a healthy and rejuvenated skin that is sleeker and more youthful.  Exfoliate to help maintain elasticity, increase circulation, reduce water retention, reduce puffiness, regenerate cells, remove impurities, reduce sebatious flow, and remove dead skin cells.  Recommended once a week when you SAY GOODNIGHT.

    CLEANSE & TONE when you FACE YOUR TODAY and when you SAY GOODNIGHT.  Bella Terra Cosmetics Milky Cleanser offers deep pore cleansing while it hydrates.  Designed for all skin types and recommended for Men prior to shaving.  Follow up with Bella Terra Cosmetics Pore-Refining Toner, an alcohol free toner that minimizes pores and removes excess cleanser and evens the skin tone.  Cool and refresh the skin!

    SERUMDIPITY when you FACE YOUR TODAY and again when you SAY GOODNIGHT.  Bella Terra Cosmetics Lifting Eye Serum is for women concerned about the delicate nature of the skin around the eyes.  Tighten, firm and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Offers collagen renewal and protects against the sun’s harmful rays and prevents free radicals and oxidation. Let the serum work from the inside-out.

    MOISTURIZE THE EYES every single time, when you FACE YOUR TODAY and when you SAY GOODNIGHT!!  Use Bella Terra Cosmetics Advance Radiance Eye Cream and protect the windows to the soul.  Allow Retinol to go to work for you and lighten and brighten dark, puffy eyes.

    FACE YOUR TODAY with daily moisture.  Use Bella Terra Cosmetics Daily Moisturizer to lock in moisture and nourish and protect the skin from free radicals.  Its Vitamin E time release formula help diminish fine lines and wrinkles.


    SAY GOODNIGHT and soothe extra dry skin while you slumber.  Bella Terra Cosmetics Restorative Cream PM slows the ageing process, reduces age spots and hyperpigmentation and offers intense moisture.  It reduces redness and restores a healthy glow.  Nourish, repair, restore and rejuvenate the skin while you dream big.


    A ONCE A WEEK TREAT is designed with you in mind.  The all new Anti-Oxidant, Rejuvenating Mask from Bella Terra Cosmetics is a cocktail party for your skin.  Its intense formula provides a multiplicity of performances.  Key ingredients deeply penetrate the skin, thoroughly cleansing the pores while attracting water to retain moisture and combat dry skin.  The infusion of Diamond Powder reflects light making the skin appear younger and more glowing and radiant.

    As you become acclimated with Bella Terra Cosmetics products and their applications you will find it will take less and less of your time.  You’ll be a PRO in no time.  From there, you’ll be ready to explore the wonderful world of make-up and illusion.  Yes, illusion!!  We will provide tips and tricks and a “How To” or two just for you.  Join us next time for a little Bronze Age and discover how you can have “Sun All Year ‘Round”.

    Bella Terra is dedicated to providing you with quality products and exceptional service.  We would love to hear your feedback or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on our home page, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  We look forward to seeing you there.


  • Don't Scam Your Skin: Become the Expert

    Don’t fall into the beauty scam of buying a slew of products before you diagnose your skin and identify your concerns. Bella Terra Cosmetics and our experts recommend answering a few questions about yourself and your skin prior to dipping into the wallet.

    1. What concerns you about your skin?
    2. What regimen, if at all, are you using currently?
    3. What does your skin look like: any hyperpigmentation, redness or uneven skin tone?
    4. Is your skin shiny or dry and flaky?

    Discover products to fulfill your needs and likes and based on the core questions listed above. From there, you become the expert regarding your skin. After all, you look at it and touch it more than anyone else. Bella Terra Cosmetics dares you to become the expert so you don’t scam your skin!!

    Don’t get caught in the scam of buying the latest and greatest products until you know if its benefits are even of your concern. For example, a youthful skin does not need products designed for a women going thru maturation. And, equally, a mature skin needs more than the products designed for a youthful skin.

    Answering the four questions above will provide a clear description for determining your skin type and the products most suited to your needs. It’s that easy!!

    What did you discover? What skin type are you?

    See more information on WebMD at


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