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4 Essential Everyday Beauty Tips from Bella Terra Cosmetics


1. Create Custom Eyeliner Color Using your Eye Shadows.

Using your eye shadow as eyeliner gives you more option for creating a custom eyeliner color and is easy to apply. Simply grab your eyeliner brush and use a small amount of water to damped your brush. Next, take the brush and dab it in some of your favorite eye shadow and then begin to apply to the outer edge of your upper lid. Using the flat angled brush eyeliner brush, you'll want to press the edge of the brush into your lashes as close to the edge of your lid as possible. Once you've applied the eyeliner you can then start to blend our the eyeliner to avoid harsh lines.

Bella Terra Eyeliner Brush Bella Terra Eyeliner Brush


2. Use a Eye Primer to Contour Your Eyebrows

Using an eye primer to contour your eyes can help your eyes to pop by creating a more defined eyebrow. Once you've filled in your eyebrows, you can begin to outline the eyebrow carefully using a eyeliner brush or another beauty tool of your choosing. Next you'll want to smooth our the eye primer with either your hands or a blending brush.


3. Use a Daily Moisturizer to Help Remove Eye Makeup 

Whenever I run out of eye makeup remover, I usually grab my "Daily Moisturizer" and use it to remove excess eye makeup. To do this, I stick a Q-Tip in the moisturizer and then lightly rub it underneath my eyes and on my eyelids to remove excess eye makeup. This little beauty secret works like a charm!

Daily Moisturizer from Bella Terra Cosmetics Daily Moisturizer from Bella Terra Cosmetics


4. Make Your Own Tinted Moisturizer Using

You can make your own tinted moisturizer by mixing loose powder together with your favorite moisturizer for sheer coverage. I've used our loose Mineral Foundation in Nutmeg and mixed it with our daily moisturizer to get a liquid based foundation. Some of us just prefer a liquid based foundation, so this works perfectly! You can also use the loose powder to set your tinted moisturizer/foundation.

What's your Beauty Tip? Leave a comment and let us know!

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