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Don't Scam Your Skin: Become the Expert

Don’t fall into the beauty scam of buying a slew of products before you diagnose your skin and identify your concerns. Bella Terra Cosmetics and our experts recommend answering a few questions about yourself and your skin prior to dipping into the wallet.

1. What concerns you about your skin?
2. What regimen, if at all, are you using currently?
3. What does your skin look like: any hyperpigmentation, redness or uneven skin tone?
4. Is your skin shiny or dry and flaky?

Discover products to fulfill your needs and likes and based on the core questions listed above. From there, you become the expert regarding your skin. After all, you look at it and touch it more than anyone else. Bella Terra Cosmetics dares you to become the expert so you don’t scam your skin!!

Don’t get caught in the scam of buying the latest and greatest products until you know if its benefits are even of your concern. For example, a youthful skin does not need products designed for a women going thru maturation. And, equally, a mature skin needs more than the products designed for a youthful skin.

Answering the four questions above will provide a clear description for determining your skin type and the products most suited to your needs. It’s that easy!!

What did you discover? What skin type are you?

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