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Makeup Miracle!!! An homage to Eye Prime...

Hello fellow makeup lovers... today's post is simply an homage to Bella Terra's Eye Prime.  WOW!  I'm sure you've all read every blurb on our website, right?  ;)  Well, it definitely states there in our "Looks and Tips" section that our Eye Prime doubles as an "under eye concealer" but it actually works as a concealer EVERYWHERE.  I tried it on a blemish last night and I've really never tried a concealer that covers this well.  I'm amazed!  What's even more impressive is that I'm extremely fair-skinned and, despite the darker appearance of Eye Prime, the color blended in with my skin tone oh so naturally.  I'm a fan for life! 

Have you tried using our Eye Prime as concealer?  If not, what are you waiting for?  Get it by clicking the picture above.  (Psst... it's on sale!)  If you've already tried Eye Prime as a concealer, share your thoughts!  I just know you've fallen in love with this product like I have;)

Love and makeup,


One thought on “Makeup Miracle!!! An homage to Eye Prime...”

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Eye Prime as a concealer. When I first switched to Bella Terra that is what the sales rep used on me. I am extremely fair skinned, my skin tone is not the best and I have a few acne scars. It is AMAZING how it covers and doesn't feel like my make-up is caked on my face. It is lite and looks great. I have tried EVERYTHING out there, wasted my money and did nothing for my skin. The Eye Prime really changed how I feel about my skin. I will never use another 'cover-up' make up again. Thanks so much.

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