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Skin Care

Hello fellow makeup and skin care lovers!  Today I attempt to answer our most commonly asked question: "When do I use all this skin care?"  Well, to start, the answer is simple - YOU DON'T!  Our skin care line has little wonder products that will even out a vast number of different skin care problems so we've got you all covered from the gracefully aging to the acne-prone, and everyone in between.  But chances are you don't fall into all of these categories, right?  So then you don't need to use every product out there.  You'll definitely sabotage your efforts and drive yourself to premature aging trying to figure that out!

The basic routine is this: clean, tone, moisturize - morning and night.  In that order.  Another easy set?  Makeup Primer, makeup, then Makeup Remover.   Yes?  I think we can all agree on that part.  So now for the stuff that you didn't already know - the good part.

First, let's tackle our Restorative Cream.  It's easy - use it at night.  You would use this miracle cream at the end of your routine, instead of moisturizer and just before bed.

Advanced Radiance Eye Cream and Lifting Eye Serum are meant for the delicate skin around the eyes and can be partnered with the Restorative Cream.  If you need one, use them for crows feet and other laugh lines which will decrease over time.  Choose which one is best for you and use it around the eyes while allowing the Restorative Cream to go to work on your face.

Exfoliating Gel can be considered harsh if used too often.  Most skin types will want to exfoliate about once a week and use this in lieu of the Restorative Cream.  Follow exfoliation with our Pore-Refining Toner and end with Daily Moisturizer.  You might have noticed that this process is different from the nights you use Restorative Cream.  This becomes easier to remember when your understand the reasoning behind it.  1) exfoliating opens the pores temporarily for deep cleaning.  Don't leave them this way though to allow dirt and other debris in there!  Who wants that?  Follow with Toner to close the pores back up and protect your skin from the environment.  2) your skin will want some TLC after exfoliating - give it a break and moisturize.

Anti-Wrinkle Cream would be a substitute for Daily Moisturizer about 1-2 times per week.  Remember - this is only if you need it!  If you're lucky enough to be in your teens and early twenties (or to just have enviable genes) - forget it!  You don't need it.

Anti-Aging Capsules would be used once a week instead of your choice of eye cream or serum and Restorative Cream.

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