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The eyes are the windows to the soul.

The eyes are the windows to the soul…. So they say.  It seems as though a huge responsibility like that would call for the skin around the eyes being much thicker, yet it’s not.  It’s thin and delicate and generally where the first signs of aging begin.  And, there is nothing worse than a late night at the office and minimal sleep.  The eyes say it all.  Sometimes an adequate amount of sleep isn’t enough.  Maybe its allergy season or maybe you ate or drank something that leaves a lingering shadow around the eyes.  There is nothing more mortifying than waking up and taking that first glance in the mirror.  Comatose and drained, you crank the hot water in the shower in the hopes that a good dose of water will do the trick.  Even after you complete your Bella Terra skincare regimen, the eyes still say it all.  Are you using an eye cream or a serum?  What??  You only use a moisturizer for the face?  Oh my!  The eyes are crying out for some love.

Did you know that the skin around the eyes, the neck and the hands are where the first signs of aging rear their ugly heads?  You should probably be using an eye cream in your daily regimen.  Wrong!!!  You should MOST definitely use an eye cream, twice a day.  Keep in mind the skin rejuvenates while we sleep and using a serum beforehand will optimize the eye cream function as it will work from the inside out.  That is what serums do!!  They boost the function of the products applied to on-top of the skin and from the inside out.

Good thing Bella Terra Cosmetics has skincare formulated specially for the eyes.  Bella Terra offers two eye care products designed for the tired eye in all of you.  The Bella Terra Lifting Eye Serum reduces fine lines and wrinkles and tightens the skin.  It boosts collagen renewal, protects against free radicals and the sun’s harmful rays.  Give your eyes the ONE, TWO punch and follow up with Bella Terra Advance Radiance Eye Cream.  It will help diminish dark circles and puffiness.  Your eyes will lighten and brighten and Retinol will see that it’s tightened.  You will have amazing results in just four to six weeks.  Try the before and after test!!  You should take some pictures of before and then weekly thereafter.  Also, you could supplement your regimen with some facial exercises.  You should take a look at this ancient Korean secret.

Make sure to send Bella Terra Cosmetics your amazing results!!!  After all, our products are made with you in mind!

2 thoughts on “The eyes are the windows to the soul.”

  • I always use simple eyeliner, never tried any eye cream or serum ever before but after reading this post I've changed my mind, now I will definitely try "Bella Terra Lifting Eye Serum" because now these deep wrinkle are getting more visible around my eyes..!!

  • Melissa, Thank you for your comments! It is never too late or too early to show your eyes some extra love. Don't forget to try the before and after test... and please share your results with us. :)

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