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To Prime or Not to Prime?

I’ve been hearing people talk about how amazing Bella Terra Eye Primer is, but I was kind of skeptical about trying it. I already spend an hour getting ready in the morning with a toddler climbing up my leg and they want me to add an extra step? I finally gave in to peer pressure and decided to give it a try. I was sold by the promise that Eye Primer would keep my eye makeup in place for a whole day! I need that! As a working mom, I often don’t get home until late at night and I just hate when my once-pretty eye makeup ends up in a mess.

Bella Terra Eye Primer comes in a little round container, just like the Shimmers. When I opened mine, I was a little disappointed.  The color looked almost grey and the product itself looked as hard as a rock!  What’s in this stuff anyway?!?  To my surprise, it’s made with all natural oils like Castor Oil and LiquaPar Oil.  Cool!  Who knew that an added benefit would be healthy, younger- looking skin?  It’s also waterproof?  Wow!  I guess you can think of it as a glue that adheres color to your skin.

Anyway, my opinion about Bella Terra Eye Primer started to change as soon as the bristles of my concealer brush spread across its surface.  My brushed moved smoothly, grabbing plenty of product.   Bella Terra Eye Primer felt weightless on my eyes, the color looked very natural and far from the grey color that it appears to be in the container.

I picked an eye look and decided to wear the same look for two days, with and without Eye Primer, to compare results.

Covered with Bella Terra Eye Primer, my eye shadow brush moved very easily across my eyelids. Shimmers adhered to my eyelids in seconds, but I didn’t get a sticky feeling on my brush. Colors looked amazing and I only need one layer to achieve bright, vibrant color.  On that point alone, I was very impressed with Eye Primer, but not completely sold. I wanted to see if it could hold my Shimmers in place for an entire day.


I took a picture of my eye makeup when I came back home from the office. Do I have to say how impressed I was? Even though the colors faded slightly, the look in general didn’t change. Each color stayed where it was supposed to and none was stuck in the creases of my eyelids, even after 8 hours!


As I mentioned earlier, I wore the same eye look the next day, but without Eye Primer. It took several applications to get the color that I wanted. It was pretty easy to get even color.  I was happy with the way that the overall look turned out. The color was not as vibrant as the look with the Eye Primer.  Instead, it looked very soft and romantic.

no primer

Of course, I took a picture of my eye makeup after a long day at work this time as well.  It held up very well in general, although the colors did fade a bit and there was some pigment
collection in the creases of my eyelids.



WHEW!  With my schedule, I’m relieved to know I don’t HAVE to add this extra step to get great results with Bella Terra, but Bella Terra Eye Primer definitely earned a permanent spot in my makeup collection.   I will take an extra minute in the morning on days when I know that I will be running around town until late, or going out for dinner or happy hour right after work.

Extra points: I discovered that Bella Terra Eye Primer makes a great concealer as well. You only need a very thin layer for great coverage and it stays in place all day long.

One thought on “To Prime or Not to Prime?”

  • The main reason I started using this line is because of this primer. I will try any primer just to see if it would work. By work, I mean what this primer does. I have dark skin around my eyes and that is a bonus to cover that let alone help eye makeup stay on all day! Awesome!

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