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I always use these products when I want to take my makeup look to the next level and give it that extra wow factor! Everything is beautifully pigmented and amazing quality!
Kelsey Martin
I must say I absolutely love your products I'm so impressed !! They are of such amazing quality and your shimmers are so pigmented!
Anya Weedon
Anyone who knows me knows me knows I don’t do makeup. Lipgloss & (on occasion) mascara are basically all I do and even know how to do. That said... two weeks ago what started as an indulgent attempt to be polite to the semi pushy sales people at the mall when leaving work ended in pure happiness. The man asked to at least show me the 3-in-1 foundation, moisturizer, & toner. Foundation is something that I never would have put on my face in any situation but I had time to kill and was trying not to be rude. He applied it to half my face and had me look in the mirror. The change was stunning. It evened my skin tone and complete masked the shadows under my eyes. The best part was that I couldn’t even feel it!!! It completely depleted any oily shine and made my skin look almost perfect. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to by it on the spot but was set to get payed two days later and told him I would return. Life happened. I finally made it back today and ended up leaving with the cream, application brush and blending brush, night moisturizer, exfoliating gel, toner and a bronzer that could also be used as eye shadow or lip stick (by adding a drop of water)! It’s all pure mineral treatment. No chemicals and never tested on animals. The price was ridiculously reasonable for the quality of the products. The true magic came when I used the system for the first time. Less than five minutes and totally easy to follow. The change in my skin after a single use is EPIC. Almost every single blackhead is just gone! My skin is soft and noticeably smoother and the moisturizer left no icky feeling. It didn’t make my skin oily or shiny. It feels too good to be true! But it is! #Bella_terra is my new BFF
Zoey Clayton
I loved the brushes and shimmers for years but since I tried the BB Cream I am a Bella Terra fan for life!! It goes on flawless and I love the smooth, lightweight finish. FAVORITE PRODUCT EVER!!!
In LOVE LOVE LOVE with the BB Cream!!!!
I love my Bella Terra Makeup. The foundation primer is silky smooth and if I could I would use this on my entire body. The foundation itself is wonderful. I first bought these products in December. I fell in love. I haven't had one breakout on my face since I started using these awesome products. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
I've been using this makeup for almost 4 years and it's's all I will use! I love the skin care products- my skin feels incredible!!! Shop online and use coupons!! Money well spent and brushes last a lifetime if u take care of them properly!!! I swear by this product!!!
My name is Yovenka Ortiz and I'm a fan/customer of your product. I live in Boston and let me tell you your makeup is AWSOMEEEE I'm sooo in love with it. I just traveled to the Dominican Republic and the really hot weather is not match for makeup. That is until I used Bella Cosmetics.
Yovenka Ortiz
I love using your products. The way they make my skin feel and how I look after applying my foundation and blush I always look natural. I'm in love with your bronzer as well. I will keep using your products. Attached you will find a picture of me using my Belle Terra makeup.
Jewel Medina