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BB Cream

Product Review (submitted on March 22, 2017):
A lady stopped me at a mall Kiosk to try this make up. When she told me the price I was like !?!?!?!? No thank you, but I will stick to my good reliable original bare minerals (which is always the go to). My skin has always been a pain, severely oily and greasy and no matter what I do, shine brilliantly after a couple of hours, very sensitive and easily dries out. Two things happen with my makeup, (and i have tried everything from IT cosmetics to Revlon) either it ends up pulling together on my face and caking, or is runny and glowing with oil. I had this BB Cream on for a few hours, and of course had no high hopes, as, it is plain make up, who cares. But I underestimated too much. I went to the end of the day, 8 hours, examined myself in the mirror and was in shock. Shocked. Because my face looked smooth, no freakishly huge open pores caked with paste, no shine, no oil. Nothing. Just a natural smooth, matte, beautiful complexion. I never even washed my face in at all that day. I know there is a review here about not preventing oily skin, and I am NOT saying that can't happen, but it never did for me. But for someone whose acne is not so hormonal and more unhormone related, it works. This makeup works. This make up restored my faith. Worth every penny, except I got %50 off because I was out of state, but worth every cent.