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Looks and Tips

Smoky Eye

One of the most popular and requested looks today is the “smoky eye”. To create it, always start with Bella Terra Eye Primer to help pigments adhere to the skin, resulting in a longer-lasting look. For your pigment, start with Midnight #44 to form a triangle at the far corner of the eye and sweep over most of the lid. Then, from crease to brow, apply Dinar #43 or Amethyst #42. Finally, finish with Sparkling White #0 to highlight the brow and inner corner of the eye. Blend under the eye for more highlight.  To enhance even more, finish with Bella Terra liquid eyeliner to define the eye. Remember with an eye look that is this dramatic to keep lips nude.

Natural Look

Everyone needs a natural look for everyday wear. In general, you’ll want to stick to Shimmers #5-10 – use whatever works best for you. Remember to always start with Bella Terra Eye Primer for a lasting look! An example of a look to try would be to use Birch #7 or Sand #6 on the entire lid and crease with Sand #3 blended just under the brow for highlight.

To transition from day to night,use a darker brown on the lid, such as Cocoa Bean #50. Add Sand #3 or Gold #49 to inner corner and under brow for highlight. Use Midnight #44 or Mica #9 to blend at outer corner. For a finishing touch, line the eye with Bella Terra Liquid Eyeliner in black, brown, or gold.

Avante-Garde Example

For a dramatic, avant- garde look, use Neon Green #47 and Hot Pink #51 on lids – each shade will cover half the lid, in whichever order you prefer. Next, using Bella Terra Stick-It, add Glitter #1 in Snow or Glitter #6 in Bubble Gum.  Highlight with Sparkling White #0 under the brow and at the inner corner of the eye. Remember that this is just an example – our Shimmers and Glitters come in 60 shades – have fun using your imagination to create dramatic looks of your own!


For the latest trend in eye makeup looks, go for blue shadow. To create yours, use Navy #35 over most of the lid with Flush #16 at the crease and above. The higher you blend to the brow, the more drama you’ll create!  Remember with dramatic eyes to keep the rest of your look nude or natural and always start with Bella Terra Eye Primer for intense, long-lasting pigment.


Bella Terra's Eye Primer

Bella Terra Eye Primer doubles as a great under-eye concealer! Although not a concealer itself, it will help more of our powder foundation adhere to the skin, providing more coverage for under-eye circles.

Bella Terra's Foundation, Blush and Bronzer

Your Bella Terra Foundation, Blush and Bronzer will come with a sticker covering the holes in the top so you know your product is fresh. Don’t remove this sticker!  Poke about 3 holes through. When ready to apply, just tap a small amount of powder into the lid. This will prevent spilling and help your powder last longer.

Bella Terra's Foundation Brush

When tapping excess powder off of your brush before application, don’t tap it onto the floor or into the sink! Tap the base of the brush handle, tapping excess powder INTO the brush. The surface will be free of excess powder for application but, over time, you may not have to tap into excess powder at all because your brush will become self-replenishing!